The US NIH International Center of Excellence for Malaria Research for South Asia focuses on the Malaria Evolution in South Asia (MESA ICEMR), with Pradip Rathod as Program Director and Laura Chery as Associate Program Director. The MESA-ICEMR program include over 10 different hospitals and research institutions in India, as well as key research scientists in the US. Over 100 MESA-ICEMR scientists have opportunities to mix basic findings from the lab with clinical studies in India to understand how parasite evolution influences changes in parasite sensitivity to therapeutics, varying ability of parasites to infect different mosquito species, to trigger diverse types of pathogenic outcomes in people. THE MESA ICEMR team also collaborates with members of ten other US NIH ICEMRs from various parts of the world. In these collaborations, it is also possible to expand our understanding of malaria biology in new experimental models, developed on site next to malaria patients and local mosquito vectors.

International Centers of Excellence for Malaria Research